Part Worn Tyres

We have a huge range of car and commercial Van Part Worn in stock Many With Over 5mm Of Tread Remaining ( More Than 50% Of Wear Remaining ) Listed In Our E.b.a.y Shop.

A fantastic range of part worn tyres at low prices

Are your tyres looking dangerously worn? If the tread has gone, they could be illegal. Speak with us today and we can assess any tyres that you think may need replacing, and replace the tyres of your choice. We have a huge range of high quality brand name part worn tyres (which have been pressure tested and inspected for quality) in stock, which provide excellent value for money, as well as safer and more fuel efficient benefits to your vehicle. We also stock and fit a range of part worn winter tyres.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be

If you are worried about the cost, speak with us today and discover just how much you can save with us. We can offer a range of Budget and High quality part worn tyres to suit any budget – replacing your old tyres might be cheaper than you think. All of this, with FREE fitting and balancing – what have you got to lose? 

Our part worn tyres could save you money. Call us now on 01827 287448

Nearly new PART WORN Tyres from £20 fully fitted & balance

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